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If you’re having a destination wedding, everybody is from out of town, and everybody is invited to attend everything (with the exception, perhaps, of something like a bridesmaids’ luncheon). When the wedding venue only provide limited rooms for the bridal party, your guests will face the condition where they have to book hotels or any villas nearby to attend the big event.

Most destination wedding couples have some kind of welcome event where they feed or water their guests (or both). Most have some sort of rehearsal dinner event, although it might be a beach party or picnic depending on the destination, instead of a traditional formal sit-down affair. And then of course, there’s the wedding reception where your guests will be fed and fed and fed, and finish up with cake and other sweets. Lots of destination brides and grooms opt to host a farewell brunch the morning after the big event to thank everybody one more time.

We can help you to make a list of nearby accomodations from your wedding venue and your guests could choose which accomodations suit them the most. After all, we have a long list of luxurious villas under our management with the best deal & price special for every wedding clients.
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