Food & Beverage

✓ Asian Food (Indonesian / Chinese) – Buffet
Starts from USD 25 / pax

  1. Bebek panggang ala Hongkong
    Roasted Duck Hongkong Style
  2. Hidangan aneka Dim Sum
    Dim Sum Platter
  3. Sup asparagus kepiting shimeji
    Asparagus Soup With Shimeiji Crab
  4. Ikan dori filet goreng telur asin
    Deep Fried Dori Fish Fillet with Salted Egg
  5. Udang goreng mayones
    Fried Shrimp with Mayonnaise Sauce
  6. Masak sayuran dengan abalone
    Sautee Vegetables with abalone
  7. Ayam masak kung pao
    Fried Chicken Kungpao Style
  8. Mie goreng Haka
    Fried Noodle Haka Style
  9. Puding tahu buah leci
    Beancurd Pudding with lychees

Menu Options can be changes as requested.

✓ Western Food
Starts from USD 35 / pax

  1. Fruit Green Salad or Zucchini Pancake with Sweet Chili Sauce
  2. Chicken Quesadillas
  3. Seafood Chowder
  4. Pineapple Fried Rice
  5. Steamed Green Bean, Baby Corn and Carrot with Garlic
  6. Fettuccine Napolitano
  7. Pork Loin with Tomato and Tuna Sauce
  8. Yoghurt Chicken Curry
  9. Grilled Snapper Garlic Butter Sauce
  10. Potato Wedges with Sweet Chili Sauce
  11. Fresh Fruit Slice
  12. Ice Young Coconut with Wong Coco Jelly
  13. Tomato Fruit Salad
  14. Lemon Choux

Menu Options can be changes as requested.